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Ewelina Puszkin

Patient Advisory Committee Chair
Ewelina Puszkin is the co-founder of the OmeaLife Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to create a support group for women suffering from breast cancer, to educate patients and their families and to promote preventive activities. She experienced breast cancer at the age of 29. Today, she focuses on providing emotional support to patients and answering questions related to breast surgery. She acquires knowledge by participating in conferences and surgical workshops and then shares it with patients. They can be more aware of what the treatment options are and what they can expect. Being a Patient Advocate form Poland she speaks at the international conferences. She is the originator of the patient panel during Breast Design Days with the participation of a representative group of 50 patients from all over the country, which carries the idea of ​​creating a modern model of patient-centered oncology.
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